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Oil And Gas Law

The Shreveport law firm of Wilkinson, Carmody & Gilliam serves numerous clients in the area of oil and gas transactions and litigation. We know the energy industry because our firm’s experience in the field extends far into the past, and it continues to grow.

A History Of Success In Lease Negotiation, Royalty Disputes And Energy Lawsuits

Attorneys at Wilkinson, Carmody & Gilliam have been instrumental in successfully resolving matters related to:

  • Contract disputes that require the assistance of a lawyer
  • The negotiation of leases
  • Drilling rights
  • Energy-related lawsuits
  • Landowners involved in claims and conflicts regarding royalties
  • Land disputes
  • Damage claims and environmental matters

We represent individual landowners against larger producers. Over the years, we have also represented numerous energy companies. Our firm has protected the rights and interests of property owners and businesses since our formation in 1895.

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