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Environmental Law

Practical Counsel And Strong Representation

The Shreveport firm of Wilkinson, Carmody & Gilliam has many years of experience handling environmental cases in Louisiana. We offer practical counsel to property owners and businesses involved in litigation as well as parties hoping to avoid lawsuits.

Our attorneys are seasoned trial lawyers with extensive courtroom experience. The firm has long been effective in situations in which:

  • Contamination has been discovered and the state environmental quality agency or the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is requesting a cleanup of pollution or waste.
  • A business needs defense representation against a claim or regulatory action.
  • Railroads and transportation companies have environmental concerns specific to their industries.
  • Disputes exist between property owners.
  • Public utilities and oil and gas companies are defendants in significant lawsuits.
  • Claims of exposure to hazardous waste are made by individuals.

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