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Construction Litigation

Construction litigation can take a variety of forms. Many disputes stem from disagreements that arise between contractors and their clients. Some of the more common types of lawsuits include:

  • Disputes between a contractor and the owner of a building or site at which the work is being performed
  • Lawsuits between a contractor and a public body
  • Claims regarding construction defects and contract disputes
  • Payment-related disputes between the owner and contractor
  • Quality-of-work disputes

These matters can carry significant financial consequences. If you are a party in need of representation in a lawsuit, the right lawyers can be instrumental in helping you reach a favorable outcome, whether that means appearing before a judge or negotiating a favorable settlement.

Representing Contractors And Property Owners In Disputes

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We represent contractors, individual property owners, corporations and other parties to find solutions to construction-related problems. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.